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04-28-2005, 11:01 PM
I remember a while back in our history class we'd learn the hierarchial structure of ancient (paegen) socieites that were composed of the Sovereign (king, emperor, demi-god whatever) followed by nobility, high clergy and big generals, followed by regular members of the clergy, followed by land-owners, followed by commoners, followed by serfs and in the buttom came the slaves. Then later on we saw the raising importance of the Church that rivaled the King for power ever since the Pope crowned Charlemagne as Holy Emperor and thus gave room for a debate of whether the messangers of God who crown the leader are also his subjects, or are they his superiours. Then Europe saw the Renaissance and Merchants came to exist in society, wealthy and influent, as a growing class that, coupled with the decadence of nobility, slowly emerged as the most powerfull. Well, today's most marking class is without a doubt the 'celebrity' types. I don't only talk about actors and musicians and otherwise legit entertainers, but simply persons who, with a stroke of chance and timing, hit fame thanks to some commercial they once shot, or famous wiener they sucked, or some unfortunate poor soul who malgré-lui ended up on the internet in a funny/skunky pose or video, or simply by association to someone already famous. In short--someone whose name or mug picture has reached our ears and eyes.

I'm thinking soon enough we shall see forms include "celebrity" as occupation right along mechanic and secretary.

Two strangers of opposite sex meet in an all exclusive celebrity party.

-Hey, i'm Mark. I could see your beautiful eyes from the opposite end of the room and I felt it was my duty to go and talk to you.
-I'm Julie, nice to meet you. Say, what do you do in life?
-I'm a celebrity. I starred in a Pizza Hut commercial three years back.
-Omg! That was you? That was so hilarious! I must have laughed at least... twenty seconds... at that pizza sequance.
-Yeah, everyone says that! What about you, Julie?
-I'm a celebrity too! I sucked Ashton Kutscher's dick once and then we were caught on paparazzi tape and they spread it all over the internet. I think we were in the top five most searched couples on yahoo for like four whole days or something.