View Full Version : comments on my band name?

05-14-2005, 09:35 AM
I reckon that deciding on band names its the hardest thing there is to do when setting up a band, except maybe writing good songs. So i have a couple that maybe you guys could comment on. We play punk rock that draws influences mainly from Alkaline Trio, Dillinger Four, Bouncing Souls and Anti Flag musically, and lyrically its kind of Alk3 meets my own sense of humour. so what suits?
1) The Zero Tolerants
2) All Heads Down
3) Mr Chainsaw

05-14-2005, 10:00 AM
All Heads Down sounds greaT! I don't know what the hell you we're thinking when you came up with Mr Chainsaw :P

05-14-2005, 10:38 AM
its an alkaline trio song. i just tacked it on there because two seemed a little bare, i was never really going to use it, so yeah, thanks anyway! I like All Heads Down, it's cool, i like Zero Tolerants too. I really loved it when i thought of it, but now i reckon we'd need to be a hardcore band with a fat, skinhead frontman wearing a flat cap for it to fit.