View Full Version : yeah..we are "the offys"...now shut up please =)

05-21-2005, 04:11 PM
thanks for reading this crap :)

Jack the Tripper
05-21-2005, 04:19 PM
you're welcome

Skate Rat 19
05-21-2005, 04:23 PM
i like the skullies better but what ever, offys sound so gay, i dont know maybe cause my brother is a slipknot 'maggot', offy sounds not the best.

05-22-2005, 12:56 AM
Skullies sounds alot better than "offys"
I wish springers werent taken
that sounds the best

05-22-2005, 01:06 AM
Skullies sounds alot better than "offys"
I wish springers werent taken
that sounds the best


05-22-2005, 01:15 AM
"The Offys" sucks, seriously. What about "Splinters"?

05-22-2005, 02:15 AM
we shouldn't decide quickly. a lot of people still hate "offy's"

05-22-2005, 02:20 AM
Offy's sounds cool! Better than skullies that sounds a bit retarded. It's just when I say somethings off I mean sick,twisted,wrong etc. so it sounds like were buggers or sumthin'. GO AUSTRALIA! he he he!

Mannen som blev en gris
05-22-2005, 02:27 AM
Do we really need a name?

05-22-2005, 03:29 AM
How about HUCKERS???

05-22-2005, 03:30 AM
woah - huckers, thats pretty damn great, what does everyone else think of HUCKERS?

05-22-2005, 03:35 AM
Maybe fuckers, huh? That's really stupid, why don't The Offspring fans call themselves 'The Offspring fans'? Isn't that cool :P

05-22-2005, 03:37 AM
I don't want to be a 'offy'!

05-22-2005, 04:47 AM
huckers sounds good, but i don' think we really need a name

offspring kid
05-22-2005, 06:10 AM
what about splints

05-22-2005, 06:22 AM
Someone came up with S.M.A.S.H.ers on the other board, that was pretty cool, seeing as Smash really got them pretty far, so people might actually know what the fuck we're talking about.

05-22-2005, 09:12 AM
no name at all would be the best i guess... there will always be people hating for every name someone comes up with so...

05-22-2005, 09:39 AM
Offys sound good *thumbs up* :D