View Full Version : the dualdisc have 1 cd

05-24-2005, 08:54 PM

her its says dualdisc the down it says number of discs 1 really really i dont understand

05-24-2005, 09:46 PM
it has 2 sides; one is the cd, and when you flip it over and put it in a dvd drive; that's the dvd side.

05-24-2005, 10:05 PM
it has 2 sides; one is the cd, and when you flip it over and put it in a dvd drive; that's the dvd side.

I was going to ask that..NOw I don't need to. :D

05-25-2005, 03:07 AM

It is a dual disc, cause ther's only one disc...but with two sides...

05-25-2005, 08:44 AM
It is what it says, Dual Disk, disk as one disk if it was 2 disk it would say 2 disk or bonus dvd or 2 disk box set or 2 dis-well you get the point.

05-25-2005, 10:04 AM
What's a dual disc? :D :D


Mannen som blev en gris
05-25-2005, 10:37 AM
http://www.dualdisc.com/faq.html If you want to know more about the DualDisc, click on the link. (:rolleyes: )

Noodles is gay
05-25-2005, 10:54 AM
wow! I didn't know you could flip CDs over - only vinyls! That is very cool. :cool:

Mannen som blev en gris
05-25-2005, 11:03 AM
^It seems pretty easy to scratch though... :(

Noodles is gay
05-25-2005, 11:05 AM
good point; you can't put it down upsidedown so as not to scratch it....hummm - I will have to rethink my method of storing CDs.

Mannen som blev en gris
05-25-2005, 11:07 AM
^You know they come in this thing called a "jewelcase" (sounds pretty posh :D).....

Noodles is gay
05-25-2005, 11:10 AM
yeah but 'jewelcases' get in the way and annoy me - I have to take the CD out of the case before I can put it in the CD player! :eek: ARGH!!!!

Whereas atm I just leave the CDs upsidedown next to the Cd player; much easier.

Mannen som blev en gris
05-25-2005, 11:16 AM
^You actually do that? And I thought I was lazy! :p Anyway, now I've got a 3-cd changer, so there's no need for that (there's never really been one either....).

Noodles is gay
05-25-2005, 11:25 AM
Ah, I have a crappy cheap CD player which doesn't even work properly so I can't do that. :(

Plus it's not lazyness merely practicality! I use tapes to get multiple layers of cds - it's all good :p

05-25-2005, 11:26 AM
You only have 3 cds!? :D

05-25-2005, 11:53 AM
its like the dvd movie.sometime you have full screen on one side and wide screen on the other side of the disc.

''In addition, The Offspring‘s Complete Music Video Collection will be released on DVD Tuesday, July 5.''

I cant wait to watch that dvd.