View Full Version : You voted, but did your friends?

Dameon Brass
11-07-2004, 12:47 PM
Since most here are in that lovely voting range of 18-25 or close enough, did you vote? God help you if you didn't, but even if you did, what your friends. As usual, voter turnout for people our age was pathetic. If we all did vote, it would have been a major difference in the outcome. You can see this right now with all the people on here all f-ck bush, and so few are f-ck kerry. Ask your friends who are able to vote if they did. I talked to mine the other day and none of them voted! WTF? I'm gonna remind them of this when they get drafted. Even if they don't vote they way you want them to, make sure the next time around everyone you know goes to vote. This is a real major reason why we are stuck in the United States of Yee-Haw! jurisdiction for another four years. God my friends are idiots.