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  1. Thank you! Yes it is completely shocking. For a small country like Norway, something like this is not imaginable to happen. Luckily for me, no one I know has been hurt. My brother lives in Oslo, but he is in South America right now and I am very grateful for that.
  2. I hope no one you know was affected by the attacks today. Everyone I know in Denmark has been completely shocked by this, it must be completely paralyzing in Norway.
  3. Woah! (Kloakklokk) weighs dozens of kilogrammes! I'm glad your stuff and apartment didn't get harmed.
  4. Not me personally. My storage is in the attack and my apartment is on the 4th floor. (3 sal). And I live above sea level. I have a friend who lives in Amager (a man-made island not far above sea level) his street was flooded. A few streets down the manhole covers (kloakdæksel) were coming up cause of the water. Crazy!
  5. Did you suffer any material damages? From what I have seen, you could nearly swim around in a lot of places, it would be too deep to walk.
  6. Haha! It was fucking annoying man!
  7. How's that flood treating you?
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