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  1. Nothing really has changed. Every now and then he starts to aspire, he's taken to the hospital for a few days, he gets better and then goes back to the nursing home. I'd be surprised if that's not what happens this time as well. And I think most of us are holding up fine.
  2. I was a little afraid to ask about your dad... but how are you guys holding up? the family, I mean. has the situation changed recently? is there any news about his prognosis?
  3. For the most part. My dad wound up going to the hospital again yesterday while I was at the nursing home visiting him, but it's gotten to the point where that's not exactly uncommon.
  4. Josh, babe, doin' swell still?
  5. But then you and I would hardly ever talk and we can't have that.
  6. hahahaha, you figured that out pretty quickly! yeah, totally bored, again. I should really try to find some discipline within myself some day. or day/night rhythm, that'd be good too.
  7. Yeah, everything's fine. My friend's visiting from Florida now which is cool.
    You're still awake, is your boyfriend away again?
  8. hey babe. everything alright?
  9. saw your name, wanted to say "hi" & <3. also, you need to add my new addy to MSN. will give it to you soon.

    hi! & <3
  10. I'm leaving you a visitor message.
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