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  1. Haha, nevermind, I don't come here as often as I used to either.

    PS: Added
  2. Yeah man. I use Facebook here is my profile: Add me

    and sorry for the late answer, i totally forgotten to visit the official BBS
  3. Hey man! Do you use Facebook? If yes, may I add you?
  4. I will, just don't know what else to upload. I should make a poll probably.
  5. awesome work dude!Keep it up!
  6. Another one finished - Bloodhound Gang. I'm still waiting for Joe to move it so that I can share links though.
  7. Hey there! Just to let you know, I've finished uploading all of my Prodigy stuff on musicbootlegs, and I'm going to upload Bloodhound Gang, Papa Roach and System of a Down, if Joe agrees. Then I may upload some more (like Nirvana, Metallica and so on...)
  8. Happy birthday!
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