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  1. Unfortunately, you will not be able to help me...

    Now, all the time I spend at work... I almost live there
  2. How may I help U?
  3. I´m sorry that. Sounds very sad I´m ok now. But I came through a huge depression in December n Blitz was helping me out of that, cuz I can rely on her any time I need n this was a case of need!!! Still living the same fucked up punx life. Just work, no free time, friends...etc...
  4. Hi! This winter depression. With the advent of winter, all my friends had disappeared and with my boyfriend incomprehensible attitude... how are you?
  5. Hi Misa Why do U feel so lonely?
  6. Ehh work. But graduated from high school last year. But wanna change my life dramatically, cause have been livin´ in this shithole for too long. Wanna new job, long vacay n another Offy gig And u. What u do for living?
  7. Yes, it indeed! Do you work or study?
  8. I knew you´d say that. But that´s totally ok with me! There´re not enough girls like u I kinda took Offy´s like that too, but then I´ve got to Smash era too much n simply couldn´t get out of it It kinda fascinates me!!!
  9. Yea, I like to get drunk and about the Offspring... it's difficult to tell Basically, I like all
  10. Hehe that´s cool n that´s why yo send me da request, cause if yo didn´t then I know I would Do u like drinkin? N what´s your fav stuff from Offy´s?
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