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  1. It should... no, it MUST work.
  2. okay, ill look around but if that doesnt work il put it on a thumb drive and change it at a mates place..

    anyways thanks for that..
  3. Yeah, it means Windows. So try to find any RAR file extractor for MAC.
  4. WINrar and WINzip...does WIN by any chance mean windows? haha cos i have a Mac..
  5. It's a RAR file, it should work with WinRAR or WinZIP...
  6. okay..Ive finished downloading the sex pistols file but when i try and open it, it says " There Is no default application specified to open the document "Sex pistols(ENG,1975).rar"., so i there any specific program i need to use/convert/whatever the files so that theyre MP3's?
  7. Nirvana? 10 hours? It's almost 3 GB. And thanks, but I don't need anything, my 398 GB of music is enough
  8. oh..haha, awesome..if you need any music(although you most likely have all my music) i can try and get it for you.
    how long do you reckon th Nirvana will take, cos i dont wanna cause you to much trouble..
  9. oh, okay theres still about 20-30 mins to go..
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