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  1. ok,i`m fine with that,c ya
  2. I will, I promise, I usually don't. I just have nothing better to do. *removes renato piquette from his ignore list and waits to see if he got it right* (Still can't get it right, ooooh)
  3. it`s cool,then,i forgive you,i`ll stop posting anoyinng stuff if you quit posting while you`re drunk
  4. If you were been like that Jason is Back asshole, I woŠuld have never wrote to you. My two poinhts are: 1. I'm fucking drunk, 2. You seem to be alright. Just stop posting the type of posts noone understands or ignore...
  5. i get your point,but what`s being annoying for you?for what i know,i haven`t been annoying,exepting for those fags that only post shit like renton or "jason is back"
  6. Oh, and that was the BEST INSULT EVER.
  7. Look, I don't want you to stop posting, just stop being fucking annoying.
  8. i don`t give a shit if you get aids every time you read me
  9. You disturb me by fucking clickin the View Post button every time I read you.
  10. guess what,just to show how PATHETIC you are,i`ll stop posting for a few days
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