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  1. I told you something about your PVMs. And don't fucking underestimate yourself, that's the worst fucking think you can fucking do.
  2. Okay, I decided to not make fun of you anymore. I've got one requst though: Never (I mean never) react to my posts with question or comments like 'I'm confused' or 'What's ...' again, nor write me a PVM.
  3. so you are Mickey Mouse?
  4. i couldnt even find a davo in the member list
  5. Davo is?....
  6. Just for your information, Mickey Mouse is Davo, so you didn't have to welcome him.
  7. Whatever .
  8. No, I don't care if you want to learn Slovak or not.
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. I have a feeling some of them didn't want you here from the beginning. No offense, that's a fact.
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