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  1. Yeah, but I'm not threaten by it nor a chicken egg, but I'd rather save my family and pets first and then lastly myself.
  2. Yeah, I've seen it on Sky News this morning. That sucks.
  3. Houses are burning and shit loads of fucking things are burning but if it gets closed to where I live at, then like duh weve have to get the fuck out of deir and pack some shit.
  4. Do ya watch the news? Well, there's Mountains burning where I live at and stuff. *sighs*
  5. Thanks, for the 411 and that's pretty much fucked up shit to do. Well, I learned my lesson for not making newer accounts. I must respect, but sometimes I may lack of.
  6. Bejka, mrs_hollandova & dexter7864534789744754512215897565 were banned for 3 days because of discussing private lives of band members.

    Knife was banned because he is HeadAroundU.
  7. Why are they banning members?
  8. No way! Are ya serious? Lucky em...and i so knew it all along!! Dang, awesomeness!!!! xD
  9. Yes, the Slovak posse is invited.
  10. Yes, it will be an absolutely-magical and beautifully awesome!

    So, some of the BBs are actually attending to ya party and stuff?
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