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  1. Hello. It's all good. Just forget it about the whole thing with the iPod. Thanks anyways. Sorry if I bothered you and I will not do it again. Goodbye.
  2. By the way, how are you?

    I am pretty much happy!
  3. Hey, about the songs.. my wish list is only the cover songs.. so may I please ask you for 'em or shall I check your collection??
  4. By the way, I will talk with the Band about it though. (aka) The whole thing w/iPunk etc.
  5. Damn it, ya got me so good!
  6. Alright, so it is you.
  7. Hello. I will let ya know my song wishes later from your awesome collection for my iPod.
  8. Matthew, I will forget and forgive ya this time. No, its not an April fools prank/joke day. |:
  9. You know exactly why. No need to explain it.
  10. Yes, I am. And how did I make you feel uncomfortable?
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