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  1. Actually I was thinking of getting them down too, but I'll have to consult first.
  2. Alright then. But was it really necessary to sticky the Green Day thread, or the Official Song vs. Song thread? They both don't deserve to be stickied
  3. Hey man, sorry, there's already a lot of stickied threads in Other Bands. Besides, the forum is not that heavily visited so it remains on the first page for quite some time. If not, just bump it every now and then.
  4. Hey Tijs, I just wanted to ask, can you, or any other mod sticky my -H25- Sharing His Collection thread, so that everyone sees it and can ask for anything anytime? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yeah I ran out of viagra so we allow them back in.

    Nah, I noticed... thanks for letting me know though.
  6. Tijs, those spam fuckers are back...
  7. Thanks, I'm on ban-mode now! ;-)
  8. Hey Tijs. We've got a spam bot invasion here. 40 new members with weird nicknames, all of their signatures are about erection pills. Just to let you know.
  9. No, I'm not But I love Prodigy almost as much as Offspring. So I thought I'll let you know, considering that one of our common artists on is The Prodigy. And it IS good, I assure you. See ya!
  10. Hey dude! What are you? Are you from the Prodigy street team or something? I'll download the song later myself, it better be good!
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