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  1. Here's the link of what i uploaded. It contains all pitures i have and all versions i know, and of course the list of what i need.
    I compressed all files on a imageconverter, so all pics have some kind of stamp on it. Any news please let me know, thank you guys and good luck!
  2. Hey, i'm kind of organizing all the things about Singles or Promo cds made by The Offspring. I putted together all that scans and information that we posted on that old trade about singles and i've searched on the net and scaned all my offspring stuff. Whatever, need to know if you want to keep on it trying to put together all kind of information and pictures about any singles, promo... I believe that now i got almost all information about almost all versions they made.

    Today i'm needing some full scans and cd ripping to complete the list. I'm looking for the scan of the cover (front, back, inside, booklet, poster,etc), scan of the cd, scan of the single inside their boxes and the tracklist (the real ripping, not download the tracks and put it together). So, hope you understand it, so if you wanna try, let me know.

    Here's a pic of what i'm doing (scan of the folder):
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