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  1. It's scary, Analogy has gone down to 18th on ourstage, really need people to go and vote, cause there's only one day left! and it seemed like it was bound to stay in the top 10 as it was so popular! I don't know how to encourage people to go and vote on it, it's only between 20 songs now so it's easier for people to vote for analogy this time.
  2. Hey, I totally forgot to answer the visitor message about how we got the name "Ricetigers".
    Well, the name was created by our "manager". Back in late 2006 (November) when we started the band I didn't even have a guitar. I asked my friend who still plays guitar in our band if he would practice with me in case I would get a guitar. He said "whatever, yeah" and the next day at school I told everyone we started a band so it started off as a joke.

    Our manager joined in on the joke and said we would be the Ricetigers because we were hot like tigers and 50% asian (my guitarist is of vietnamese descent). Then he claimed to be the manager of the band and get 50% of all sorts of income that we'd make because he had created the name.
  3. Hey, thanks! I voted two or three times for Analogy today but Where I Live didn't come up... it's really weird how I manage to continuously get certain songs 3 or 4 times while Where I Live or Analogy don't come up between...
  4. I voted 6 times for where I live this morning, and only twice for Analogy (although I still managed to get it back into the top 20 for a bit) Im now trying out a strategy, looking at the standings all the time and voting against the songs above and after randy's. I see you're in the 70s, maybe you could do that too, we fear only the top 20 go to the next round, it changes depending on the style of music.
  5. Yes, I'll definitely try it again next month. Also, thanks again for voting! I also noticed that it gets a bit easier to get the Fisticuffs while judging.
  6. aww Im sorry to hear that. Maybe if you put the songs back on next month they'll do better. I voted twice for Where I live last night and 3 times for analogy (its finally started to come up randomly more often).
  7. Thanks! My songs are not doing very good... The Night was the only song in the top 100 in the last few days (97th in modern rock) and I kept voting for Analogy and Where I Live in punk but Where I Live does not seem to rise
  8. Just voted for Where we live, again! Analogy has gone back down to 20th, how are your songs doing>
  9. tell me when you're registered on ourstage
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