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  1. oh i forgot about ourstage. i registered but the internet here sucks so bad I can 't upload anything.

    i will definitely try to be there.
  2. Hey Karin! How are you and how are things going? Randy's now got his full band, they just found a bassist two weeks ago and he's pretty cool. There's plans for them to play the first part for Bug Girl and other bands sometimes in April... Hope you'll be able to come to one of those!
    I was wondering when you'd be putting some of your songs on ourstage; it would be cool...
  3. look on my old profile here. i uploaded some things there.
  4. Hey Karin, I think you said that you did paintings or something, maybe even you study art at uni? I don't know, anyway it would be cool to see some of the stuff you've done. Both my parents are artists, I've started doing more paintings this weekend, but they're not really "art". lol
  5. oh wow... lol.
  6. It's been like the most boring time in the year for me. Because there's a big teacher strike and students have blocked the university, and so teachers have been teaching outside of the uni. There's those who teach in full view of everyone so that it is visible to the government and with two of my teachers we have class in a student residence. So I'm pissed because our government is stubborn and might never change things the way they want it, so they're basically making us waste our time. And I don't like not having any work to do. if at least I found a job, I'd have that, but people with masters are not as lucky at finding jobs than people with lower diplomas... lol So at the moment Ive got a lot of time to waste online, and I'm really tired of this. France always finds reasons to go on strike, even knowing that the president is too stubborn to change things.
    So that's me at the moment... lol I wish I was busy with school too!
  7. hey i'm good! I haven't been spending much time on the internet lately. I've been incredibly busy. Last week though, I had a good long drunken posting spree. It was nice to read the next day. Oh spring break... how i love thee soo...

    how have you been?
  8. Hey Karin, how are you? Haven't heard from you for a while!
  9. cool! thanks a lot!
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