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  1. That's great! =) Good to hear it my lovely one. =) Yeah, well, thanxxx for the 411. =) <3
  2. Okay well now you know for sure, he's my fiancÚ and we're gonna live together and get married... when we can, that is, when I can go and live with him. Hopefully this year. We've been together for about 2 years and a half. Met on the bbs!
  3. to be quite honest, i didn't know he was your boyfriend. now, i know it for sure. =) niiiiiice. ^_^
  4. I thought you knew he was my boyfriend, cause you were also my friend on myspace.
  5. aw, that's so darn cute and adorable.well, i didn't know that yall were a couple. sweet!!!!

    well, in that case, i hope everythings work out just perfect. glad your sis is nicer =) =)
  6. Well not moving in with Randy as a roommate, as a couple. We might have to have a flatmate at first though, to help pay the rent. I don't know. ANyway, my sister's here now and she's been nice so far!
  7. your welcome. yeah, i know exactly how that feels but someday we all gotta leave that great nest and move on forward to even much greater goals but our families are gonna stand by us no matter what though. we've got some stuff in common. my mum's cooking is awesome and well, my sisiter isn't annoying. i am though. your moving in with randy as in roomates? rad! but the whole moving out and stuff; yeah it pretty much covers it. someday i'll do exactly the same (only time shall tell). i so want/need a little apparment only for myself and my boyfriend. =) just keep your head up flying high. bye.
  8. Hey thanks Maria. Well I've sort of lived with my mum/in my own appartment these last years so I'll be happy to be away from home. I'll especially be happy to be away from you big sister, because she gets really annoying and well I'll be glad to be away. Of course I'll miss my parents and family (and my mum's awesome food) but I really gotta get away from europe and I'm sure it'll do me good. And all I need is to be next to Randy! I'll be fine just talking with my family by email.
  9. wow, well good luck with everything ok. i'm so happy for you and randy and stuff. i just hope it all works out eventually. are you gonna miss your mum when you leave and stuff? i bet huh. alright now, you take care and stay fly. take a break right after your exams. you deserve 'em! =) =) =)
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