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  1. I added the new addy just now!
  2. I'm on MSN, girl! just doing my laundry at the same time. did you get my new address??
  3. Sorrryyyy
  4. I JUST got that reported post in my inbox, went to check & yeeesss, you were there before me again! woman, you fast.
  5. It's magic. :] Seriously though, I don't know, I'm online every morning and my timezone is two hrs ahead of you so unless you wake up super-early, it makes sense that I get to those threads first.
  6. Damn girl, how do you do it? even when I'm online the whole time, checking my e-mail for reported posts (right now I wasn't checking the bbs) & the likes, you're STILL faster than me! I applaud you.
  7. GO TEAM Your Band! =D
  8. awesome teamwork. I <3 u.
  9. omg it's online already? will check now!!!!!111
  10. thank youuu.

    urband4lyfeeeeee. Did you dl the mixtape? Pretty cool if I say so myself.
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