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  1. Yyyyy. We can LOL at cultureless white pplz.
  2. Did you notice that it was written by a Vassar professor? (I'm so proud)

    And yes, I did! But thanks for sharing. We have much to discuss!
  3. lol..."got off". YOU SO BAD!
  4. Maybe another time then.. Or we could just do private messagin'. If we want to get to the topic we were supposed to get to (essays 'n shit) instead of the one we got off on (lolz got off).
  5. Blame the wifi! Not me
  6. You bloody tease...
  7. lol pay up >

    gimme $$$$$$$

    wtf i poor
  8. visitor message wtf? JOHNNY YOU RULZ!!!! n000dz pls.

    <333 4lyfe.
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