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  1. hehe okay!
  2. yeah...i'll PM you
  3. that's great, i like it!.. i'm studying to be a lawyer..

    hey, do you have msn?
  4. ophthalmology...and then i have to study sergury .and you?
  5. ohh.. well i’ve been studying too, i have an exam in two weeks :S wut are you studying right now?
  6. ohhhhh lucky youi have to study a lot unfortunately..
  7. hey Vann! here i am.. a little bit tired but very happy 'cause now i have a free time and im watching videos and photos...hehe how are you doing?..
  8. hey wazzup?
  9. heey, well.. it was a greeeeaat show!... i was right in front of Dex n' Nood!.. After the concert i went to the hotel and i met the guys.. they are really greeat!..
    Noodles cutted his hair for me! XP and Dexter said "you look familiar... oohh you were in the show last night... you were right in front of me and Noodles"... I was like OMG!! You remember me!!!

    We've been talking a lot!! it was great... i have a lot of pics and videos and autographs!! was really really cool!... And i told them what i wanted to tell them since who knows when... since i was a little girl... I am really Happy!

    Im dying already and I CANT BELIEVE IT!
  10. heyyyyyi'm ok and u?TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BIG DAY!!!
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