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  1. alright you can rely on me
  2. Cool, looking forward to it!
  3. Yeah Youre right. It is not very good Job but i need earn some money Yeah I work in shoemaking trade....Yeah the name of our band it is not out...I think the name is gonna change and also one member of us gone away but We found it is good Later Ill send you some pictures and also videos
  4. Thank you very much!
    Oh, I understand. That must be tough. What do you have to do?
    That's awesome! I didn't know you play drums, that's totally cool! Have you already named your band?
  5. hmmm Ill be rooting for you good I finally found a Job and I gotta wake up at 4.50 every day and work 8 hour per day from Monday to Friday. But I am happy because I earn some money to have a punk fun with my friends hehe Also I Want to visit some Festival but I do not know sure because right now i need money to other stuff YEAH AND Finally I play the drums with my Band its perfect..We try create some own songs. Something style like Ramones or similar stuff...
  6. Hey, it''s going fine, thanks! Same old, except I'm going to get my driving license soon.
    That's it I guess.
    What about you?
  7. Hey How is it going ha? What is New?
  8. Thank you very much!!!
  9. heyyyy so happy birthday to you....I wish you a lot of fun...and also punk-stuff
    have a nice day
  10. Wow, it took you so long to answer
    I'm fine, thanks
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