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  1. hey how are you? ouu yeah school sucks
    i study at the technical school...and then i wanna go to university
    travelling is very good i like that too....
  2. Oh yeah, I totally understand you. School sucks...
    Btw, are you still at school...or you call the university like that?
    Yes, I do like travelling.
  3. hey...what about me? not very good because i have got problems with my school...i hate my school and i wanna get out of you know what i think? i wanna be free.
    Do you like traveling?
  4. Hey, it's going pretty good, thanks! Well, nothing new. except my comeback from Italy several days ago.
    How about yourself?
  5. Hey how is it going ha? What is new there?:d
  6. hehe i am so happy you feel so too
    recently i found out that...a lot of people think i am a girl because of my user_name /JANNY/ my name is john and JANNY is like johny but JANNY is slovak name hehe
  7. It's going pretty well, thanks! What about you?
  8. HEHE thank you how is it going?
  9. Oh, I love your new avatar!
  10. Oh, thanks a lot! I'll come, I really hope so.
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