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  1. ouu do not worry in my opiniom the offspring like your country
    so if the offspring will be in slovakia again iŽll send you invitation....and i will hope you come...
  2. Likely they'll do it in Europe. I doubt they'll come to Russia again, it looks like they don't like this country for some reason. So, if they play somewhere in Europe in these few years, I'll definitely go! Cause this year I also wanted to attend at least one gig, actually I was invited to come to Sziget festival, but I couldn't make it because of my dad. He just simply didn't allow me to go alone to the foreign country, even though it's not very far from Russia. I was so pissed off.
    So fingers crossed for the future tour.
  3. okey i hope too... thats very good idea so great and if they will be have a new tour so for example where?
  4. Yes, I hope so, too.
    May be sometime in the near future, when The Offspring will be doing their next tour, I'll go somewhere abroad to see them, and also meet with the forum users.
  5. yeah thats right i agree with you...i wanna meet all fans from this forum...i hope it will be sometimes what do you think?
  6. Yeah, I agree. That's sad, if all the fans lived in the same town/city, we could make meetings every day. That would be sooo awesome. I'd like to meet A LOT of people from here in reality, counting you.
    I think that the biggest amount of Offspring fans is here, I mean, the best ones.
  7. HEHE what a pity...that we all from this forum dont live in the same town
    but a lot of offspring fans dont know about this forum right?
  8. Btw, I have a crush on Slovak boys. Just letting you know.
  9. Yes, I see. Thanks
  10. i did that...
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