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  1. you can find on the internet
  2. I'm not sure if it's shown on the television here. But I can search for it somewhere on the net.
  3. ahahah, I agree.

    If you like science, computers, I suggest you see the tv show: The Big Bang Theory. This tv show, mix science, nerds, humour... you laught from the beggining to end.

    when I return to university, this "tv shows" end
  4. Yes. But I don't watch TV lately, it has become boring. Internet is more interesting.
  5. ehehe

    do you like tv shows?
  6. Yeah, that's soooooo true!!!
    Too bad I don't have such friends here...
  7. Some ppl call nerd/geek to another who know a little bit more about computers...

    One day I hear: "it's good to have friends who understand the computers!"
    and it's right LOOOL
  8. Wow, that's really awesome! I don't know much about computers...when it breaks, I'm mad at the whole world, and I have to call someone to fix it.
    And if you know much about those matters, it doesn't mean you're a nerd.
  9. for me, russian and greek is one amount of simbols AHAHAH

    I work on informatic (fix problems with hardware/software and programming sometimes) and study engineering.... No, I'm not nerd/geek (maybe one day - see my photos on rutegard's album eheh)
  10. I'm studying foreign languages, faculty of linguistics. We're studying Russian language as well, but more profound, than it's taught at school. And also speech in general. So that's it.
    What about you?
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