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  1. Heyyy!!!!!!Happy Birthday dear!!!!
  2. Yes, I hope so too.
    There's has been nothing new for several weeks, even no podcast...I'm tired of waiting
  3. I know what u mean ..but let's hope we're gonna have offspring news very soon
  4. I'm fine, thanx
    Yes, I agree...I don't use the forums that much like I did last year. That's because I don't have much free time and also because of the lack of offspring news.
  5. Hmm ok how about u?Long time no speak
  6. Hey, of course!
    How's it going?
  7. pssst!remember me?:P)
  8. Oh I understand. I've had some problems too, recently. Hopefully things got better now.
  9. yeah...i have some problems lately so i feel kinda lost ..that's why i'm not around *sigh*
  10. Yeah...I'm good too, thanks! I haven't seen you around on the bbs for a while.
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