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  1. Hey! I made a thread in the "Your Band" section and I want people to check it out. So far no one has posted but I am really hoping some people will check it out!
  2. I don't know...but I think it's not recent, may be you're right - it's 2005 or 2006, or may be even 2002. Who knows...
  3. SO it clearly wasn't worth freaking over if I don't remember LOL I gotta stop doin stuff like that! Anyway, do you know when that pic is from? It looks fairly recent but not like last year or something. I would guess '05 or '06...
  4. Good

  5. NO ur good.. i was just freaked out about something, i dont remember what
  6. No problem!
    Oh, okay. I thought that I had offended you may be...I've accepted your request.
  7. Thank you very much! BTW I got pissed off and took off everyone... i will add u on facebook... its a new account... my old one got shut down
  8. Here it is:

    BTW, I thought you were on my friend list already
  9. OMG! Will you please send me a bigger pic of ur avatar! ITS AMAZING!
  10. i just lost al feeling in 1/2 of my right hand
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