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  1. Hey! I'm sick, staying at home with temperature. It's happened because I was returning back home several days ago and it was raining hard.
    And you?
  2. hi vredina whats up.
  3. Hi! What's up?
  4. How do you delete a pic from image shack
  5. Oh, I don't know then. ;(
  6. I want to upload it in my PC I am not allowed to use imageshack
  7. Upload them here, and post the link in the thread
  8. How do you post pictures in threads?
  9. Hi! what's up?
  10. So do I. My friend Logan is an EMT/photographer and for his senior project he brought in pictures of people who blew there heads off with shotguns but lived, people who caught on fire, and things like that. It was a neat idea for a project but grphic and disturbing. I felt so bad for the people. I thought he should have done a project on photography and a prolect on EMT and hospital stuff instead of combining them.
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