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  1. I am soooooo tired right now. I am about to crash!
  2. will u go on fb... i wanna tlak to u on there
  3. I want a guy that will love me! I don't think it will happen and I know it will never happen with Dex! I might have a chance with matt shultz!
  4. everyine thinks i am an alt. i found you on facebook u r friends with beata
  5. yes, why r u asking?
  6. you believe that i am me and not an alt right?!
  7. No problem!
  8. i figured that but i cant find em. thanks for all the great pics
  9. When I find something new or something that hasn't been posted before, I always post it in that thread. So no need to ask me.
    I find all the pictures on the net...
  10. do u got any other good pics. u always find the best pics! where do you get them?
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