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  1. ha ha, I think it's kind of cute! xx
  2. that bug in ur avatar scares me
  3. Yeah, it's a sweet film xx
  4. well thanksgiving is on thursday and i get to feast and friday wew put up the xmas tree. i am so excited bout the holiday season. Do youmlike the movie Beauty and the Beast. I do.
  5. Ha ha, well we do celebrate all the christian holidays like christmas and easter! xx
  6. oh roght i am so fucking stupid. thanksgiving is bout when the pilgrims came to america. i need to think before i speak or type or whatever the hell i am doing that requires thinking LOL
  7. We don't have thanksgiving in England, but we do celebrate Christmas xx
  8. probably none unless you speak slovak LOL! do u celebrate thanksgiving and/or christmas?
  9. Lol, just for you I joined, though quite what use I'm gonna be in helping you learn the language I don't know! xx
  10. i already sent the invite so check it out!
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