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  1. Ha ha! which social group is that then? xx
  2. so i am gonna send u an invite to my social group and it will seem odd for u to join but ur too awesome to not let in!
  3. You guess? What does that mean? xx
  4. Oh yay this question again. okay i guess! LOL
  5. I'm ok thanks, how are you? xx
  6. Anyway... How are you???!!!
  7. lol, I'm glad to hear it xx
  8. I don't wanna piss on people. I ain't exposing myself like that! I wear pants for a reason(and it aint just cuz of my thunder thighs and pasty white chicken calves LOL)
  9. That would be quite a party trick that's for sure lol xx
  10. I don't think I know how to unless pissing on them counts but I ain't a dude so it would be kinda hard to do! LOL
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