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  1. Thanks!! glad to hear it!
  2. I finally got to hear it Fed! It sounds fucking awesome! well done xx
  3. So strange...first time I hear it.... We have some songs uploaded on myspace
  4. it just keeps saying windows media does not support this file have you got any stuff on youtube? xx
  5. So strange!!! it doesn't read any of the mp3???
  6. Fed, I can't get it to play in windows media center, it downloads but won't play and I want to hear it!!! xx
  7. Hiii my band made a new demo, download it if you want and tell me what do you think about it
  8. Such a great show on Tuesday, it was so good to meet you! xxx
  9. Thanks! good pictures I had a great time with you all! I'm really stoked of how it's gone yesterday!!
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