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  1. No problem! Hope it helps you a bit... And good luck!
  2. Thanks for your answer, I'm checking the link you sent me! I still haven't decided though which city I'm gonna go to That depends on flights and so on...
  3. Hello! Awesome you're also going to their show in Amsterdam!
    I have to travel by car, train and bus to get there because I live all the way in the south of the netherlands..
    You can try a hostel near the venue. I don't have experience with any of these because I never been to one of those. but here is one hostel I found near by '' de Melkweg'':
    You can book on this link
    Maybe you can try this?
    I hope you can find something!
  4. Hi! I see you live in the Netherlands and that you're going to the Ignition show in Amsterdam, right? I wonder if you know any good places to stay that's very close to the venue where the concert is? That's like the only thing that stops me from going right now, having somewhere to stay..
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