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  1. nope that would really be a dream come true for me, haha.
    but i'm very happy i got plectrums he played with i made a sign that said: ''Dex can i have your guitar pick?!'' .. he threw one at me, but i couldn't catch it, i think he noticed that, because he went off the stage between the songs and half a minute later a crew member came to me with guitar picks from Dexter. Dexter is so nice!:d
    anyway, have you met him?
  2. hehe, well, did ya met em in person?
  3. yeah it's so great! I'm soo happy! haha
  4. your a very lucky lady dats just super duper awesome and stuff...dexter is hella Rad!!!
  5. i'm fine too went to the offspring 2 days ago and i was at the front, i got guitar picks from dexter and he smiled and waved at me so i'm in a very good mood, haha
  6. your welcome.

    im fine and you.
  7. hey!

    thanks a lot how are u?
  8. awesome pics and your pretty
  9. hey whats up
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