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  1. hi!, i read on a post that you like die toten hosen. so, i find 3 dvds full (dvd9) links to donload!
    i finish to download it and works! i put on next post! enjoy!
  2. Sorry, what do you mean? I don't understand.
  3. hahahahaah
    when it was i feld like these way
  4. hahahahaah
    when it was, i felt like a lucky guy! only for a day!

  5. well, that's more than I've ever gotten in my entire life. Consider yourself a lucky guy.
  6. yeah, i have not been to beach. and off course, i choose snow too!
    here, in cordoba, snow the last year but too little, the snow just covered the ground and gone in a day
  7. I've always wanted to go to the beach, too.
    I'm assuming you've never been to the beach? I haven't, either.
    I bet it's pretty cool.
    But I'm more interestered in seeing snow than going to a beach, to be honest.
  8. i heared a lot beautiful things about brazil, that i can`t wait to know!
    i guess i'll go to south brazil!
    since i was a kid i want know the beach!
  9. Oh, cool. Hope you like it here when you come here.
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