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  1. Yeah i'm in exams too..i understand compeletely how you feel right now!! i'm taking an exam on Friday...
  2. those who choose to study, miss the bed!
  3. i don't know if you are in exams now or in holidays, i finish the last week the final exams, and now next monday i have one!
  4. yeah it's great though sometimes i feel tired and really need some sleep especially in exams LOL
  5. fantastic!!! medical dr! it's nice! and hard! but if you like it is not difficult, on the contrary, it is nice!
  6. college!i'm studying to be a doctor.
  7. and you? go to college, to high school?
  8. it's nice! :-)
  9. WOW hey that's REALLY great and interesting
  10. I am studying to be a chemical engineer! i like it!
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