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  1. and, i no have good english, so I would not understand too much LOL
  2. yeah! i think that anybody can stay relax on this moments! surely if I meet him will forget everything!
  3. yeah i always wanted to ask him many things too but when i saw him i couldn't remember anything i was happilly shocked...he almost took my breath away.....
  4. i'm ernesto from argentina, are You Vanessa, right? and i hope some day meet with he and take a picture! and ask somethings! like What happened with rum, is still watching? be friends?
    What happened with Higgins?
  5. hey thanx!i really wish u to meet them one day tooso what's your name and where are you from?
  6. hi! hey! nice pictures with dexter!!!
    i want have a picture but, i never meet with him!
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