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  1. So what's up?
  2. thatīs fine. ^-^
  3. It's pretty sweet.
  4. Iīm sorr for the late answer. Yes itīs bad. I have almost all saturdays to work. I hope you had fun with your game resident evil 5 :-)
  5. I'm getting Resident Evil 5 tomorrow, so my dad and I will be playing that. It sucks you have to work.
  6. yup iīm feeling fine too. what are your plans for the weekend? I have to work....
  7. I'm doing good.
    And yourself?
  8. hey hey whatīs up ? how are you??
  9. Yaaay! 1010
  10. hahahah finally i found you here my myspace-friend! Black Cat Feat. Dexter
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