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  1. Im from Slovakia...but I have lessons in English at my school, and my chemistry teacher is an englishman...
  2. yeah, i miss my friends from school,
    Chemistry ay, sounds cool, i am doing lots of chem this semester
    England is different, where are you from?
  3. well, I liked this year the best and I dont want to leave my school
    I want something to do with chemistry and Im thinking about going to england to study there...
  4. oh ok, good for you, i hated the last 2 years of high school
    i could'nt wait to get out,

    what are you thinking of doing at uni?
  5. in september im going to start the last year of highschool... and Im now thinking about where to go to the university...
  6. i am too short for basketball, but i enjoy playing,

    what year are you in at school?
  7. basketball, but I dont like it anymore... I want my school year to start
  8. i am ok, university just started back so all the fun is over for another semester,

    what are your trainings?

    thats great you got tickets, i am jelous already,
  9. Im fine, though my trainings started today so my holidays ended practicaly... and I have just got the ticket for the show- thats excelent
    how are you?
  10. sorry about late reply, i would love to see them if they come over here for a show. i have only seen them twice. i wanna make that 10 time though.

    how are you going?
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