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  1. Este sabado me voy de fiesta.
    Tambien las mujeres queman igual.
    Linkin Park is gonna perform during the X Games.
    Buenos diaz, by the way.
  2. All men are such flirts.
    Hoy es viernes, get online.
    X Games! Feelin' stoked.
  3. Sex, Sports & Rock N' Roll!

    Are all men like that or women?
  4. Are you flirting with me? Take it as a compliment! ^-^

    Hasta luego, muy pronto, noz vemos pues. ^___^
  5. Te presto la mia, tengo una muy bonita y es para mi desfrance de Halloween.
  6. Chico, it ryhmes with peluca, jaja.
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