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  1. :P
    Mathematically possible! lol
  2. LOL.
    Well, I've posted pics before here...I ain't gonna do it any time soon.
    Besides, I'm way older than you...I'm old enough to be your dad! lol
    But...I guess you can ask around what I look like...I'm pretty hot! :P
  3. OMG we are on at the same time!
  4. Recently I have been very sick and missed a total of three weeks of school. I seem to be pretty much better for a couple of weeks now, though. Get Well Soon!
  5. Jingle bells ringing!
    I've got the flu! I've been home for 4 days now.
    So, I'm coming here. Otherwise I haven't got the time when life's in full swing.
    What have you been up to?
  6. Hi! You gotta come on more often. In case you aren't on again, Happy Holidays!
  7. Disappearin' on me again???
  8. i cant get a job and i have some kind of disease or something and it hurts to move but the doctors are stumped and dont know what to do to help me
  9. I know...I got a new job like 2 months ago (THAT I HATE). I haven't got time for anything life is a mess...
    What's up with you?
  10. Dude you dont come on enough. you should come on sometime. the last time i talked to you was two months ago(roughly)
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