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  1. Many things...too many things, usually you can get a certain number of warnings till you get banned. The way those warnings are given are (to me) uncertain. Sometimes it depends more on the member than the action itself...
  2. what types of things get people banned anyway
  3. Any bs you posted didn't annoy specific members, only in general.
    I have a beef with bs that annoys particular members and the way moderators go about that (different member, different punishment), hence the (b)bs-proof reference.
  4. i dont think thats true than cuz i have posted alot of bull shit on here and that pisses off the other people
  5. BBS is the boards.
    BS is short for bullshit.
    Proof is resistant to.
    You do the math now
  6. what does the (B)bsproof thing mean
  7. A lot of swaring here Lol
  8. hey dude hows it going
    i have not thought of a message for you to translate but i always wondered if there are swares in other languages
  9. Yeah. Give english phrases and I'll translate them properly!
  10. i read this book and there was an orphan named bruno and ever since i have loved the name
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