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  1. hahaha yeah, it's close to ft. lauderdale and miami, but it'll be worth it! These guys are my absolute favorite band! I can't wait to see 'em haha. No problem man, have fun with the other concerts!
  2. Oh shit..I won┤t have time to go orlando, cause i arrive in tampa the 16 of july.But thank you !! .But, Pompano Beach is very far away from tampa, i am true?
  3. Oh, I think you would have enough time to make the show!, but that's up to you. Not to try and pawn these off to you, but I still have two tickets to go to the orlando show. If you would like them I would sell them to you cheap! I'll give you more details in a private message if you would like.

    It's not that bad; I'm going to see 'em in Pompano Beach on the 18th now haha.
    Yeah!, I'm sure that Green Day show will be amazing as well; I really liked their new album, but I don't think I'm going to the show. I've already spent enough money on concerts this summer haha. I'm going to see Incubus on 8/15, that will be awesome!
  4. And, for sure, that i will see Green Day in august 3 , in tampa !!
  5. No i havent the tickets yet...and for sure the problem is that I arrive in tampa , at 18:55(15july)...maybe i have not time to go to orlando the next day... Oh, that's a pity, that you can't go
  6. Nice! It takes about an hour to get from tampa to Orlando; It's not that bad, but I would leave early just in case you get caught in traffic or something. Do you have your tickets yet? I'm actually not going any more; I have to work
  7. Hi, i just see that you will go to the Orlando offspring show, and that you are from Tampa. I will go to Tampa the 15 of July, and i have a question : ┐ How much time, is tampa to orlando, going by car? I would like to go to the show..
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