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  1. hey sorry about that shit i didn't mean too or meant it in an ugly way i am just leaving the family here i fucking hate the drama and the troll thing name calling erugh...........
  2. check yo inbox got mail
  3. that show I don't watch at all and i don't know why but hey you are funny ahahahahaha
  4. yo pc havin' some technical issues, eh...huston we have a problem... smash it up jk lol
  5. Lol, try it inbox mgs
  6. On my visitor page or my inbox??
  7. Yo, welcome!
    How's it goin' Hitcher?
    I may be a girl but a Tomboy at heart, lol.
    I like bike chains, sports, video games, hangin'
    with the homies, and rarely get allong with girls, xD.
    Now, tell me a little bit about yourself?
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