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  1. So I don't know if it is just from that one picture but I thought your girlfriend looked a lot like my brother's ex-girlfriend Megan. This is her and my brother.

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  2. Was that your tattoo? Even if it's not, it's pretty sweet!
  3. You too! How's your birthday been?
  4. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
  5. I made my signature, profile picture and avatar more appropriate for this specific site and I will try. I promise! Thank You!
  6. SO you aren't going to help me are you?
  7. why is it no use
  8. It's no use... Answering to your question, it is not illegal. And I don't think there's anything in the video that's likely to frighten you. So, enjoy it.
  9. Will you help me? I promise I will listen!
  10. I don't think so.
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