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  1. i thought I did change!
  2. Didn't you say you were going to change?
    And didn't you say you wanted you wanted a second chance? You're wasting it.
  3. I am scared of pop ups. When I was eleven I was doing a maze on line and the Excorcist face popped up screaming! Then my brother showed me one and when the pop up well popped up i flipped backwards over a folding chair. it was funny but it hurt a bit. the first one wasnt funny but i was scared and had nightmares that night that is why i am scared. i also want to know if it is legal
  4. Hi! What's up? I had told you about a month ago of my grandfather with cancer, I am pretty sure. He is now in the hospital. He has started chemo and radiation therapy but now he has pneumonia and I need medical tests done soon.
  5. You wanted to see my pic a while ago. I have an album now
  6. [img]*Address of the picture*[/img]
  7. How do you post pictures in threads?
  8. Not much, and you?
  9. Hey Gustavo, what's up?
  10. Hi. What's up cutie?
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