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  1. I wasn't whining about it, you brought it up. And I don't really care about that, as I said.
  2. Why am I? Alot of people are self-concious about their looks or other things when there is really nothing wrong. You are just overexagerrating. You look fine. Quit caring about it.
  3. Ok, you definitely are crazy.
    But, em, thank you anyway.
  4. You're not ugly! You are cuter than alot of the pictures I have seen of people on here. You are cuter than my (almost) boyfriend(now not my friend.
  5. Ok, I'm going to show you what some of the users here have already seen.
  6. I doubt your ugly. Why don't you let me judge that
  7. No, you may not be ugly, but I am, not that I care about that, I just am. And I don't like showing people pics of me.
  8. I know it is so weird. It is not the same thing causing it though. Either way it is still pretty weird. Will you send me a picture of yourself? I like to have a visual image of who I am talking to. I would send you a picture but my dad says he doesn't want people on the internet to know what I look like. Now that I am not depressed I take pride in my appearance. I am no longer ugly!
  9. I'm glad the surgery went fine.
    And yeah, that is creepy.
  10. My dad and the rest of my family just got home. He had his surgery today. The tumor is out. The whole left side of his face is stitched. In the same month him and his dad both got a tumor in the exact same spot. Creepy isnt it?
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