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  1. si pero solo dos clases en la semana
  2. Muy bien.
    Donde estudias espaņol? En la escuela?
  3. estudio espanyol,tamambien!
    pero solo comprendo un poco espanyol
    mi espanyol es muy mal
  4. I learnt Latin last year, and yeah it's very difficult.
    I do stay away from German. =P I'm learning Spanish now, as the second language. But I know some things from German language, cause I had some lessons at school, though.
  5. i'm bad in science ,too
    but i'm good in history and english (i hope so )
    if you study linguistic, stay away from any german
    it's too hard to learn,i have latin since 3 years now!
    and it's similar to learn,the only difference is that you haven't got to speak latin
    i can't imagine of speaking latin!- that would be so sick,because it's even so difficult to learn it without speaking (only translation- latin to german)
  6. I study at the university in Moscow, on the faculty of linguistics. I like learning foreign languages and I've always had excellent marks. I was always good at humanities and bad at exact sciences, like maths and physics. I actually hate them even now. Thank God I don't have these subjects anymore.
  7. thank you!
    do you have good marks in english?
    or are you out of shool?
    are you on a gymnasium,or don't you have such kind of shool in russia?
  8. Good luck with it
  9. hmm i'll be writing an english test tommorow at 9 am.... just train a little bit
  10. I prefer American music more. No offense
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