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  1. you're so right!
  2. What ever dude That important Brothers Of OFFSPRING ! hahaha
  3. hmm the turkish people in germany should know that idom....
  4. I strongly believe that it is not about the nation of a person, It's about personality, your view, your heart and something ethic like that. There's an idiom we mostly use in Turkish " Önce insan olsun " that means "Must be a human, firstly."
  5. i'll tell you about the situation
    actually theres nothing to worry about.... it's not like a little war between germans and turish people or anything like that
    but there's still some hate between them
    and mostly it goes out from the turkish people (i often experienced that)
    the most of them are in some crisis and they're not satisfied with their lives, because they often don't have as much money as the other people in our country
    but there are also many good turkish people i know i have 2 turkish friends and they are realy good mates.... but they almost dislike what other turkish people do
  6. hmm not so much. but my uncle lives in köln
  7. that's right...
    do you know how the situation is in germany(with all the turkish foreigners)?
  8. The cultures are melting on world right now, so in a multicultural world, it's normal to having a punk/metal music listener people on each country. So Turkey has got too much punk/metal fans =)
  9. hmm.. but normaly turkish people don't listen to punk or hardrock
    the taste of music is influenced by your ancestors and your enviroment
    i'm so astonished because i can't remember of any turkish guy who listens punk-rock/Metal/Hardrock....
    and i know many turkish people
    are there a lot of people,that are listening Rock in turkey?
  10. thx =) My ancestors is a Turk. But i dont care. We are human =)
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